Adaptronic begins phasing out older generation Select PNP ecus with new Modular PNP ecus

All of Adaptronic’s Select PNP( plug and play) ecus  are now being phased out for the latest generation modular PNP ecus. These models include Mazda Miata, Rx7, Rx8, Nissan Skyline, SR20, 300ZX, Toyota MR2, Dodge SRT4, and Mitsubishi EVO. Currently the Mazda FD3S Modular PNP ecus have completed testing on both stock twins, and single turbochargers, and are available for sale. The Nissan Skyline(R32,R33,R34) PNP ecus are in testing, and production will begin within the next week. The Rx8 ecu is the farthest out, as it will be a complete replacement for the OEM ecu this time around with full DBW throttle control and CAN communication to the OEM dash, traction control system,

Adaptronic’s previous select E440D wire in model is now phased out by the Modular M2000 wire in model. The Modular M2000 ECU has a slight price increase, at $1349 US retail for the ECU only. Previous E440D ecu only was $1259 US. The flying lead harnesses are also seeing a slight jump in price from $90 US for a select flying lead 6 foot loom, to $200 US for same version. The M2000 ecu connectors are now waterproof. The E1280S is also being phased out for the modular M6000 ecu. It will still be available at special request for those who really need unlimited programming ability. The M6000 is a much more user friendly ecu, with a much faster processes, and more I/O(inputs/outputs), not to mention its fully expandable with additional modules. The M6000 starting price point is substantially less at $1449 US retail for the ECU only. The flying lead looms are going to be more expensive than the M2000, as the M6000 has twice as many connectors/pins. We predict $400 US retail on the flying lead loom.adaptronic-modular-ecu-stock

Adaptronic will be developing new application PNP ecus for vehicles like the 2jZ supra, Nissan 350Z, Subaru BRZ/FRS,  ND Mazda Miata( full DI control), etc after all of the modules are released, and every work in progress  software feature complete( WIFI, CAN, DI control).


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