Product Overview: Injector Dynamics Fuel Injectors

A general certainty of time is the innovation and development of new technology. As demands for higher efficiency rise, manufactures must test new ideas to surpass previously accepted standards and create new avenues of possibility. Within the performance fuel system industry, Injector Dynamics represents the leading edge of that progress.

Focusing on constructing the absolute best fuel injectors available, Injector Dynamics also provides it’s customers with supporting testing data and technology that is unmatched by their competitors.

ID’s philosophy of a fuel injector being a ‘dynamic‘ device opens new perspective on how the units should be designed and tested. By considering the actual operating environment and using the intended application fuel type, dynamic characterization testing can be accurately conducted. Utilizing laboratory grade equipment to perform these dynamic tests, Injector Dynamics systematically eliminates undesirable variances by carefully selecting matched sets of injectors. Measuring performance throughout the pulse-width range, these high impedance matched sets produce previously unseen cylinder consistency resulting in more efficient, more powerful, & easier to tune engines. The final ‘dialed in’ product is head and shoulders above other competitor units using similar injector outlines but are no comparison in performance.

The Injector Dynamics lineup begins with the ID725 (715cc/min) which is ideally fitted for mildly modified engines looking to retain OEM functionality. ID725‘s provide higher fuel flow rates while also enhancing fuel system efficiency that was previously not available for many applications.Injector Dynamics ID725 Dynamic Flow Data

The next level up and Injector Dynamics’ latest release is the ID850. The recently introduced ID850‘s (885cc/min) not only create another sizing option, but more importantly accommodate more specific applications which require high flow within a small package. These injectors are the only direct ‘drop-in-upgrades’ for the very popular GM LS series engines as well as Suzuki & Kawasaki motorcycles. Due to the variety of available injector outline options (5 different configurations) the ID850 is the most versatile model of the line.

The original offering and flagship model the ID1000 (1015cc/min) has become arguably the most popular injector upgrade in recent memory. The release of the ID1000 injector marked the end of an era of outdated fuel system technology and began a new one labeling all other popular injectors obsolete.

The ID2000 (2225cc/min) is final and highest flowing unit of the lot. As alternative fuels such as methanol, e85, and others become more popular, owners of the vehicles running them commonly tend to underestimate the higher demands placed on the fuel system for proper operation. The ID2000 easily provides the necessary flow for these thirsty applications but can still provide the precision and accuracy for smooth idle even on the smallest engines.

If you are the type with some experience modifying fuel systems, you are probably aware that solving the injector dimension riddle is only half the puzzle. To honestly boast 100% ‘drop-in-upgrade‘ status, ID also provides fully terminated plug & play (PnP) adapters for your specific application. If you prefer a more DIY method, you also have the choice of loose terminals/connectors or a wired pigtail for your custom installation.  All models are rated at high resistance/impedance to be easily compatible with most modern aftermarket ECU’s.

Have any questions about installing ID Injectors in your setup? Want to check out each model’s technical specs? Feel free to contact us if you need more info and be sure to check back for more updates on our newest brands.

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