TurboSource FD3S RX-7

TurboSource FD3S RX-7Every once in a while, a bargain you simply can not pass on presents itself. Sometimes it seems all the pieces land into place, and they defy all odds that one accepts as an unfortunate certainty of our busy lives. A few years ago this phenomena occurred to us and these are the events that followed…

A past customer who had invested a ton of time and money into his silver on black 93 RX-7 decided that it was simply impractical to keep his 450whp sports car. After asking what we thought he could get for it, his vehicle was placed up for sale on the respective forums & auto classifieds. Needless to say we were very perplexed of how one of the cars we built (very well which I might add..) which was hardly enjoyed by the owner, could be so easily discarded.

Fast forward a few months and a very inconspicuous ad for a highly modified RX-7 crossed our computer screen. Sure enough, it was the same immaculate FD listed at a SIGNIFICANTLY lower price. It was so low in fact we had to call our friend to double check if it was a typo or if he had some sort of urgent financial troubles.

TurboSource FD3S RX-7

As things naturally progressed, we took delivery & the silver FD was now in our possession. As it was being rolled out of the trailer we were admittedly already obsessing over the possibilities of our new acquisition. As they commonly say, “The Rest Is History“…

Current modifications:

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