Adaptronic Remote Tuning Service

We offer a remote tuning service for those who do not have tuner local tuner. We find the number of experienced rotary tuners is diminishing yearly, and this service helps fill this void. It also helps deliver a much higher chance of success as we have over 15 years experience tuning rotary engines.

We offer two different types of remote tuning; log tuning and live remote tuning. Log tuning consists of the end user driving their car and data logging the engine parameters. The data logs are sent via email to us, and we then interpret the data and modify the ecu file. We then resend a new ecu file via, and the process is repeated. This is the slower of the two processes, but easiest for most people to accomplish. There is no set time frame on when this type of E tuning needs to be completed, if a mechanical issue arises the tuning can continue later. Each tune session is limited to 10 ecu files. Remote live tuning is done via chassis dyno in real time. Wifi is required, and remote access to your tuning laptop. We control the laptop and Adaptronic software in real time. Each live session is limited to 2 hours total time. adaptronic-log-viewer

Remote tuning does require the car to be mechanically sound. Since we are not in front of the car we can not visually or audibly check for errors. A wide band o2 sensor like the innovate, and 0-150 PSI fuel pressure sensor fed into the ecu are required for remote tuning. Dual egts are also a plus, but not 100 percent necessary. The use of a timing light, and checking each individual coil by the owner is necessary.  A compression check should also be performed prior to tuning. We will review all the installed parts before tuning to make any recommendations. The new  Adaptronic Modular models have a few new additions to help detect errors & prevent tuning damage;

  • Built in sensor ground fault detection- a common wiring error
  • Secondary fault logging- automatically logs error faults 24/7
  • Built in Oscilloscope- preciously monitor inputs and outputs and the synchronization of the EFI events during each combustion event; ultimate diagnostic tool
  • More advanced knock control system  with adjustable back ground knock level & window angle
  • live gauges show 341 raw data streams
  • Built in simulator- test run all ecu code calculations without actually running the engineAdaptronic live gauges display.JPG

In addition the standard engine protection features are setup if available during remote tuning like loss of fuel pressure, oil pressure, over boost, over temp, and afr lean out. The faster Modular processors also catch these events much faster compared to the select models. The addition of fuel pressure model into the VE fuel tables make tuning much safer and precision too. The ecu will generate the correct injector on time even if fuel pressure is not stable( only when a FP sensor is connected).


We’ve have remotely tuned piston cars, but a big portion of the success of remote tuning is knowing a particular engine very well. Knowing an engine does not come from tuning alone, but also spending thousands of hours in person fixing, diagnosing and building them. At this moment in time we only offer this service for the rotary engine. We have remotely tuned several rotaries past 400rwhp on pump gas, E85, and race gas.





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