Turbocharged 2016 ND MX5 Miata Update

We have finally made some progress with our 2016 turbo Miata, and have put near 1700 miles on it. We have run the car on E85 since day one and not had a single fuel system issue.turbosource-2016-miata-turbo-kit-resized After we max the stock fuel system, engine or drive train out( of which we do not know which will come first), we will put the car on pump gas and re-tune. This turbo system is designed for both pump gas and E85.

The biggest hurdle in turbocharging this car is definitely the Direct Injection EFI system. As expected with a new model car there will be a steep learning curve. We’ve had to switch ecu systems just to get past the OEM ecu’s “torque limiters”. The OEM ecu will not only close the throttle plates, but remove timing and lean the engine out. We fought this for quite some time, and with the help of Matt from Orange Virus Tuning we are finally past it. The below results are still incomplete as the cam timing needs work up top. The difference in power between OEM and our turbo system is substantial for only 5 psi. turbosource-2016-efr-miata-baseline-5-psi-dyno

The cam timing is now fixed and the higher RPM power is now smooth. We expect peak rwhp to have jumped, but we have not re-dynoed the car yet. Below is a video we shot of the car in action. As you can see the car accelerates much faster, especially in the higher gears. The car actually pulls pretty good at freeway speeds.


TurboSource Turbo 2016 ND MX5 Miata


If all goes to plan we will be doing a couple track events and a re-dyno this week.

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