TurboSource Turbocharged 2016 ND Miata breaks the known power record!

As some know our biggest difficulty with turbocharging the ND MX5 platform has been the ECU tuning. We are told the OEM ecu has about 3000 different ecu files it looks at, and some of these web together. In addition to the complexity of the OEM ecu, this car is also DI( direct injection) with variable cams. Luckily the skyactive engine found in the ND has been out for a few years on other Mazda platforms, such as the Mazda3, Mazda6, CX5 etc.

Our 2nd dyno session yielded 181rwhp/206rwtq without any variable valve timing tuning at the base 3 psi spring pressure. A week or so later we received an updated E file from Matt at Orange Virus Tuning with a few tweaks. Butt dyno said it was better, but its definitely hard to feel everything on the street. Fast forward another few days and we strapped it on the dyno and dialed it in at 4 to 4.5psi; 207rwhp/218rwtq. Again we raised the boost to 5-5.5psi and some more tweaks yielded 208rwhp and 230rwtq.  After another hour plus of tuning and a final boost pressure of about 7 psi we yielded 216rwhp/244rwtq(A 240rwtq run is shown below).



We decided to call it quits for now, as it was time to really look the car over, do an oil change and see how it performed on the street and track. We literally hit an AutoX session two hours after the above dyno which you can view here; TurboSource Turbo ND AutoX Session .

As one can see the OEM tires and suspension just cannot handle the power gains( 72rwhp/106rwtq over stock). We intend to install a set of GWR sway bars next, and then tires, coilovers etc. Unfortunately there was not enough time to install any of this before our next track event. The car is currently in another round of AutoX at this exact moment in time. Tomorrow the car is being drag raced and road coursed raced at Brainerd International Raceway.

As long as the car survives this weekend of racing we intend to install our bigger map sensor and turn up the boost to at least 10 psi. If all goes well with the engine, drive-train, and fuel system of course! It is believed the fuel system can support 300rwhp on E85, but everyone is unsure of what the rods and tranny can hold. Regardless we will be pull the car apart soon to make adjustments to the turbo system, jig it up, and start manufacturing turbo kits.  One can get in line for a pre order currently; TurboSource 2016 ND Turbo System Pre Order

The car is an absolute blast on both the street and track now with about 75% more torque. The car makes more power everywhere, even at 2000rpms its making an additional 25rwtq( 125rwtq stock vs 150rwtq turbo). The car actually pushes you back in your seat, and raises the front end when you nail it. Our ultimate goes for the stock engine is 10psi, and 20+ with a built engine/tranny combo. We are going to at least look into making a set of Cams, and possibly port the engine this winter. Stay tuned for more updates!


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