TurboSource 2016 MX-5 ND Miata Turbo Development

9 months ago we purchased a brand new 2016 ND Miata from Morrie’s Mazda. The sales team was amazed we were going to take apart a brand new car to develop a turbo system. They knew we were serious when we brought a brand new Borgwarner EFR 6758 to show them what we had planned.

We hit the dyno that week to get a baseline.TurboSource ND MX-5

Fast forward to last month and we started to pick up the pace as we finally got a little bit of break from routine shop work; FMICWe have fitted an oversized TreadStone FMIC that requires zero cutting. This IC selection will be preferred for those looking for the highest RWHP possible. Ideally we will try to develop a unit about half this height for the lower HP cars, and/or those that want to track without blocking too much air to the radiator.

Below you can see our schedule 10 equal length tig welded vband turbo manifold. We are keeping the pictures to a minimum until production is ready. We may or may not change the design depending on the outcome of the dyno, and how it preforms on the street. It was a real challenge to get this IWG turbo to fit nicely, clear a 3″ downpipe, and be equal length. We changed the turbo position about 5 or 6 times, and spent a total of around 60 hours on it!  We have 1 full days worth of fabrication left before the car hits the road for its first shake down. We are starting off with a TurboSmart single port 3 PSI IWG actuator, and will raise the boost from there. Stay tuned for pump gas, and flex fuel dyno results.


Turbo manifold

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