Adaptronic M2000 Modular Unveiling

We recently received our 1st Adaptronic Modular M2000 ECU.  It has been 7 years since Adaptronic has released a new line of ECUs. The older Select series ecus will soon be phased out over time as new modular PNP models become available. The entry level E420D, and E1280S will not be phased out. The E1280S will only be sold on a case by case basis where its absolute flexibility is needed.

Adaptronic M2000

Adaptronic Modular M2000 ECU

The Rx-7 & Skyline RB PNP Modulare ecus will be available 1st, in addition to the universal wire in M2000 ecu.

Some things you may notice right off the bat is the plastic molded water proof case & connectors on the wire in models. PNP models will not be water proof as the OEM connectors are not water proof.

Also one will notice not 1, but 2 4 bar internal map sensors.

Adaptronic M2000 Modular ECU

Adaptronic Modular M2000 ECU

One can use the second built in unit for exhaust manifold back-pressure sensor tuning, & monitoring, or a configuration with twin separate plenums.  The ecus now include a plastic molded case & USB stick with base map files, wiring diagrams, and software.




Currently the new M2000 & FD PNP have been dyno tested by Adaptronic, and should be in production next month. Adaptronic M2000 Modular.JPG




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