VicTime Attack Rx7 Tests new Turblown Tapered Runner Turbo Manifold

VicTimeAttack FD3S Rx7

VicTime Attack FD3S


The VicTime Attack company’s S6 FD3S Rx7 elected to use Turblown‘s new Cast EWG tapered runner turbo manifold for their flagship vehicle. After not being able to control boost properly during the 2017 season, a new turbo manifold was sough out.  In addition to better boost control proven by the predecessor’s welded design, long term durability was also in demand.

front to back

This car is the first RHD Rx7 to be fitted with the new manifold, and first car to actually use the manifold. It uses one of the very few limited samples that are produced prior to the main run of 100 unit. The car is fit with a 1.45 EFR 9180 making fitment a little tricky. The 1.45 housing is about an enter inch bigger than the 1.05 housing, and only recommend for all out race cars that operate in a smaller RPM range.  Fitment with the aftermarket cast SCR intake manifold makes things even trickier, as this manifold protrudes farther out than the OEM manifold.

Cast EWG installed

Fitment with the OEM intake manifold is a simple bolt on process with most turbos, see the EFR 9180 with 1.05 below;

fitment back to back


The Victime attack car hit the dyno early last week at Maztech of Melbourne. The car did change from a bridge-port to a semi-pport, so a back to back vs the old turbo manifold is not accurate. The car is up roughly 80rwhp from last year, with those changes.

boost control

Zero boost creep all the way to 9000RPMS. Semi pport REW, E85, full 4″ exhaust.


Here is their low boost setting of 18.5 psi. The wavy power delivery is actually wheel spin from the worn out tires leftover from last WTAC.

18.5 psi dyno run

18.5 PSI dyno runs, non-shoot out mode. Dynojet figures exceed 630rwhp.

A track test and tune is set for the 25th of this month, and then the car goes back for a final tune at 26+psi. The car is being fitted with EMAP sensors, in addition to the already installed EGT & shaft speed sensors. After the final tune, the company has 6 weeks to prepare for their time attack event.  The car will be run against 80 cars, mostly making 1000awdhp.





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