2017 RF Mx5 Miata arrives at TurboSource for EFR turbo system installation.

Scott from Arizona has shipped us his 2017 RF hardtop Miata for a turn key installation of our Borgwarner EFR ND turbo system. The car only has 391 miles, but is already far from stock. In the power delivery department it has an  aftermarket header, catback & ecu tune. It also has set of coil-overs and a 57Transcend wheels powder coated black.

2017RF & TurboCharged ND Miata

2017RF & TurboCharged ND Miata

We decided to strap it on the dyno and get a baseline for where there car is currently for a proper before and after.  Below in BLUE is the RF dyno vs our ND when it was OEM in RED. The RF is making 17 more peak RWHP, and 13 more peak RWTQ with the above mods.Bolt on RF VS OEM ND MX5

Blue is modified 2017 RF with header, catback and ecu tune; 161rwhp/149rwtq RED is OEM; 144rwhp/136rwtq

We figured this would be an excellent way to showcase the difference in power between the standard bolt on modifications & our turbo system.  Obviously  our turbo system will outperform naturally aspirated bolts-ons, as seen in a roll race here.

We also want to demonstrate the difference in cost per increase in HP/TQ. Bolt on mods range from $2k to $3500 depending upon which exhaust and ecu platform one chooses. Power increases range from 19rwhp/13rwtq up to 40rwhp/27rwtq gain. The bigger of the gains are on E85 & with an aftermarket midpipe. On the low end & pump gas one spends $105 per 1 RWHP, and $153 per 1 RWTQ, and on the higher end & E85 one pays $87 per RWHP & $129 per RWTQ.  Our ND turbo system runs about $7100 out the door with the ecutek racerom software and custom tune from OVtune. This equated to $61 per RWHP & $45 per RWTQ on E55. This is also with the OEM midpipe, which we have learned it holding us back a lot.

Back to the Scott’s RF; we are starting tomorrow on the tear down of the car. We are going to film a step by step guide on how to install our turbo system. We also get to showcase the difference in power/spool with the smaller EFR 6258 this time. Our shop ND runs the bigger EFR 6758. We are also planning on a lot of driving footage once the car is tuned( remotely by OVTUNE via the ecutek racerom).

RF turbo system start

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